Saw this on the net, had a little chuckle to myself and just had to pass it on! Note, this never actually existed – it was just a concept… which makes me a little sad as I think it would have been a really cool way of promoting the movie!

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homer simpson escalatorhomer simpson escalator2

Functional ads!

In our everyday lives, we are bombarded with numerous amounts of adverts day in and day out, no matter where we go or what we do.

Normally these adverts are the source of much irritation, however, when I came across these really inventive adverts for IBM, I was completely drawn to them and just had to find out more.

The adverts form part of a clever on-street ad campaign which aims to find simple solutions to the everyday problems faced by people living and working in busy cities and combine these solutions with punchy advertising.

The results are very impressive…….

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IBM ad 3 IBM ad 2 IBM ad 1

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These are just some of the songs that I’m loving at the minute. As January can be a really long, depressing month (after the Christmas/NY blow out) everyone needs a bit of motivation and these tunes are guaranteed to get you in the mood for a party.. or just a general dance around the house!? No judging!!


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Summer Lovers

Check out this cool summer themed pop up shop situated within The Cool Hunters first Rotate Store in none other than vibrant city Sydney!

Summer lovers 1


The store, aptly located in the city’s urban hub includes a summer section; Summer Lovers which showcases all things summer and features ranges from many international brands and of course, some local designer brands such as: We are Handsome.

Summer lovers 3


The Summer Lovers section which will  be available until mid February encapsulates a whole range of summer goodies from beach towels to passport covers and more. A selection of goods are available online.

Summer lovers 2


The store is so visually appealing and enticing – there is so much to look at and take in. I love the bright décor and playful layout and the little touches such as displaying flowers in the windows and merchandising product on colourful solid blocks really bring the store to life. Wish I could visit the physical store and see it in person!

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Anyone lucky enough to visit the store can win a vacation to Qualia Resort voted the best hotel in the WORLD!! All you have to do is take a photo inside the store and share it on instagram with #tchsummerlovers and #qualia! Ahh – so jealous!

Summer lovers 5


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If stationery had looked as appealing as this back in the day, I would never have nagged my parents for a mobile phone!! Damn it.. too late, now we’re all hooked and  this old-fashioned method of communication is all but extinct! When was the last time you received a letter in the post from a friend or relative?

Go on, I dare you – pick up a pen and send a random letter! If you are in need of any encouragement, you just have to look below!

How pretty is this stationery & identity range designed by Mexico based graphic & web design company; Decimal for an events canapé baker in Mexico. Loving the use of foil throughout, it really makes such a simple design stand out.


Stationary4 stationary3

This Kate Spade pink/foil stationery range is too cute! I would be over the moon to get something like this through the post!! Also loving the little foil details!

Kate Spade stationary

 Kate Spade stationary2 Kate Spade stationary3 Kate Spade stationary4 Kate Spade stationary5 Kate Spade stationary6 Kate Spade stationary7 Kate Spade stationary8
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After seeing an article recently in a magazine (Grazia, I think) for a new presentation programme – I thought I would check it out! Prezi is a Hungarian software company who have produced a software tool which allows users to make and present a virtual story from ideas, photos and even videos. Prezi also allows many users to collaborate on the same project at the same time and is great for making CV’s and resumes stand out.

I played around with it and made the following mock-up just to see what it could do. Unfortunately, I’ve found it near impossible to add the actual Prezi into a blog post so you need to view through a link instead! If anyone knows of a way to add it to a post – please let me know.

Check out my Prezi here;


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It’s a kinda magic!

Fans of J.K Rowling’s infamous Harry Potter series will appreciate the following spoof website created by London Entrepreneur – Andy Brown. The site, aptly named – Gov.UK Ministry of Magic is a clever replica of the UK Government website and includes light-hearted headlines such as; Promoting Muggle Awareness and the Magical beast register for the UK rather than the more serious issues covered in the official Government website.

Check it out here.

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