North Berwick – Scotland

Today, I decided to take a drive to the lovely little seaside town of North Berwick in Scotland after having being recommended to dine at the Italian restaurant; Bella Italia (not part of the chain – this authentic restaurant has been around for over 30 years!). Having never been to the coastal town before, I was immediately taken aback by how picturesque it was and how much there was to see and do; from the Scottish Seabird Centre and world famous Bass Rock to the quirky high street shops and beautiful beaches. A thoroughly enjoyable day out – if you haven’t been, it’s definitely worth a visit. Here are some photos – as if I need to entice you more…..


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image image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5

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Feeling the love for Ed Sheeran vs. Rudimental

When I heard that Ed Sheeran was teaming up with Rudimental for a remix on my favourite track from his multiply album –  ‘Bloostream’ , I knew it could only lead to good things and I wasn’t wrong!! I ‘ve fallen in love with the song all over again.. it has the ability to transport you to another place where none of the daily humdrum matters… Amazing!

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Check it out here;

Lingerie lovelies…

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the shops are awash with a range of pretty lingerie sets. Here is a selection of some of my favourites …


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Rosalyn set

Rosalyn Lingerie Set

mimi holliday

Kittiwake Lingerie Set

Bombshell set

Bombshell Bralette & Pants

love set

Love Lingerie Set

A fleur de peau

A Fleur De Peau Lingerie Set

reya set

Reya Lingerie Set

Illicite basque

Illicite Basque

tiger set

Tiger Lingerie Set

toco toucan

Toco Toucan Lingerie Set

millionaire set

How To Marry A Millionaire Lingerie Set

beau avenue

Chloe Lingerie Set


Sweet Lady Lingerie Set

mary kate

Mary Kate Lingerie Set

Bag up some sunshine!!

Finally, summer has arrived (even if only for a day here in Scotland!) and with it has brought about a plethora of playful bags and clutches perfect for adding a touch of sunshine to any outfit.

Here are just some of my favourites;

L x


klear klutch

Klear Klutch – Flamingo Print Clutch Bag

watermelon clutch

Monki – Lemon Clutch

Postcard clutch

Charlotte Olympia – Postcard Clutch

Pineapple clutch

Charlotte Olympia – Pineapple Clutch

Ice cream clutch

Charlotte Olympia – Delicious Pandora Perspex Clutch


Skinnydip – Bombay Clutch Bag

so yummy bag

Nastygal – So Yummy Bag


 Accessorize – Peri Tassel Bumbag

rio clutch

 Kate Spade – All road lead to Rio Clutch

shell bag

Nastygal – Shelling out bag

jellybean bag

 Lulu Guinness – Jelly beans bag


Lulu Guinness – Orb clutch




Summer tracks

I love summer and the cool, beach worthy songs it brings. At the minute there seems to be loads of new music being released by fresh, up-and-coming artists and bands as well as some different sounds from more well-known artists. Here are just some of the songs that I have on constant repeat right now. Check out below and enjoy!


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Reaching new heights

London-based company; Tentsile have quite literally taken the expression – ‘sleeping under the stars’ to another level. Their impressive range of versatile and innovative tree tents have been specifically designed so that they can easily withstand being suspended from trees and can hang up to four feet off the ground. The clever concept combines the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the security of a tent and offers not only far superior views to the conventional tent but also shelter from bugs and other predators too.

I have to say they look pretty damn good too!!

L x

Tentsile1 Tentsile6 Tentsile5 Tentsile4 Tentsile3 Tentsile2

The Sea Sisters

Sea sisters

There’s nothing better than the escapism of a good book, allowing yourself to be taken on a journey to another place and another time where the characters emotions feel as physical and raw as your own and where the trivial details of your own life fade away  with every flick of a page.

‘The Sea Sisters’ by Lucy Clarke is one of those books; from the beginning, I was completely captured by the story, the characters and the beautifully honest way in which it was written. Having a younger sister myself, I could especially relate to both of the main characters and found myself being really affected by the storyline.

The story centres around two sisters; Katie and Mia who are typically very different from one another. Katie is the sensible, ‘safe’, older sister who feels that it is her duty to look out for and protect her younger sister. Mia, in contrast is the free-spirited and impulsive sister who has no real ties or responsibilities and who seems to float through life with no worries. Although these differences have caused their relationship to become fractured over the years, they both secretly long to be just like the other.

The story begins when Katie is given the tragic news that her sister has committed suicide whilst on her travels in Bali with best friend, Finn – thus signifying the end of Katie’s life as she knows it. Refusing to believe that her sister could ever deliberately take her own life, Katie goes in search of the answers she so desperately needs. With only Mia’s travel journal to guide her, Katie decides the only thing she can do is retrace her sisters steps by following her route, staying in the same hostels, taking in the same scenery and experiencing the same events, hoping to find out what caused her death.

Although the essence of the story may seem sad and depressing, I can assure you it is not all doom and gloom; the various characters and events which weave in and out of the plot are profound and intriguing and will keep you turning the pages well into the night. This is an absolute must-read which will not only keep you guessing but it will make you want to up sticks and go travelling immediately and keep a travel journal too!!

L x


Colour on campus!

Thailand’s renowned Rangsit University is a university like no other; here, students can study in a beautifully mesmerising campus which incorporates a variety of trees, bushes and plants, all painted in a range of vibrant colours to enliven the atmosphere within the university. This looks like a really cool place to study!

L x

Colourful campus 6Colourful campus 5 Colourful campus 3 Colourful campus 1 Colourful campus 2