Functional ads!

In our everyday lives, we are bombarded with numerous amounts of adverts day in and day out, no matter where we go or what we do.

Normally these adverts are the source of much irritation, however, when I came across these really inventive adverts for IBM, I was completely drawn to them and just had to find out more.

The adverts form part of a clever on-street ad campaign which aims to find simple solutions to the everyday problems faced by people living and working in busy cities and combine these solutions with punchy advertising.

The results are very impressive…….

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IBM ad 3 IBM ad 2 IBM ad 1

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Enchanted ..

This weekend I took a trip to Pitlochry in the North of Scotland to visit the breath-taking Enchanted Forest which attracts over 30,000 visitors to the area and looks like something straight out of a fairy-tale.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Faskally Woods, this magical event lasts from the 4th – 27th October and was named Best Cultural Event at the 2013 Scottish Event Awards! As well as being run solely by volunteers, all the profits from the event are ploughed straight back into planning and executing next year’s show… Inspiring!

This year’s show; Absorb, which is the 12th  consecutive show, gets its name as it incorporates orb like shapes and lighting effects which feature heavily all around the event including in the mini shows. Also featured in this years show is a beautiful bridge completely lit up with shimmering lights which can be seen from various points along the route. As well as having on site facilities such as heated portable toilets and stalls selling hot chocolate, mulled wine and hotdogs – there are also storytelling yurts and lit up balloons available for the kids!

Not only an innovative concept but an inspiring attraction which is well worth a visit.       I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to see what next years show will bring.

You can click here to buy tickets or for more info.

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Gettin’ crafty with it!

Okay, so everyone knows that there’s nothing better than a little side project to really get the creative juices going (or maybe it’s just me?!)! Lately I have been given a nudge or two, encouraging me to put on my creative head and get thinking outside of the box. So, I thought I would share with you some of the things I have been working on which will hopefully give you a little nudge to get crafty!! …..

Firstly, I had one of my best friends – Sarah’s birthday coming up and I really couldn’t think of what to get her other than the usual presents I get her every other year i.e. wine, chocolates, candles etc.. So, I took some inspiration from the fact that she LOVES a good night out but always manages to loose or forget something along the way tut tut and created a rescue pack for her which included everything she needs to have a great night out, including the essential items she usually forgets! The rescue pack I made included items such as; a mini bottle of her fav wine, chewing gum, Vaseline, body spray, a cigarette lighter and party feet! Oh and to top it off, a cd packed with all her favourite tunes that would undoubtedly get her in the partaaaaaay mood! 🙂 Instead of using wrapping paper, I printed out some of our photos from nights out which made the present look a bit more personal and she loved it 🙂

Unique birthday present ideas    Unique birthday present ideas 3   Unique birthday present ideas 2

Next, another BF – Colleen popped round to announce that she and her man were getting engaged .. Hoorah!! thus got me searching frantically for a gift which was both unusual yet personal! I didn’t realise how hard a task that would be! After scouring the internet and high street I couldn’t find anything that would be either .. until I visited a garden centre near where I live.

Initially, upon first inspection of the garden centre I could only see the usual photo frames and glasses which I thought they might get a lot of as these are typical engagement gifts. Then, after a closer look, (I was getting a little desperate and frustrated by this point!!) I saw a range of white wood letters of the alphabet which looked quite plain as they sat on the shelf but they definitely held potential. Luckily, I had a stash of arts and crafts at home which I knew would come in very handy and I managed to jazz them up! Here’s what I started with and the finished result….

From this…

Splosh letters

To this …..


Engagement present (2) Engagement present

Engagement present R Engagement present & Engagement present C

I have loved having an excuse to get creative and can’t wait for the next!! 🙂

Oh … and one for my wee sister for her birthday too 🙂


L x