Saw this on the net, had a little chuckle to myself and just had to pass it on! Note, this never actually existed – it was just a concept… which makes me a little sad as I think it would have been a really cool way of promoting the movie!

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homer simpson escalatorhomer simpson escalator2

It’s a kinda magic!

Fans of J.K Rowling’s infamous Harry Potter series will appreciate the following spoof website created by London Entrepreneur – Andy Brown. The site, aptly named – Gov.UK Ministry of Magic is a clever replica of the UK Government website and includes light-hearted headlines such as; Promoting Muggle Awareness and the Magical beast register for the UK rather than the more serious issues covered in the official Government website.

Check it out here.

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Another ‘Grannyism’

Why there’s no one in the world like my wee gran…

cute granny

A weekend or so ago, I decided to take my gran to Costco to get some bits and bobs she had been needing for a while. After getting everything we needed and a few cheeky extras, we stopped off at a nice café for a spot of lunch and then made our way home! Arriving back in my driveway after a lovely day out, my gran thanked me for taking her (I got to drive her new turbo car!) and asked if I had realised that there was three of us in the car??

After checking in the back seat to see if the dog had somehow sneaked in, I asked what she meant by the three of us? Gran then pointed to a small box under the dashboard and informed me that wee Jean (well, her ashes anyway) had been with us all along!! That was the point when my face turned as white as snow and I decided to hastily exit the car!! Good job I can laugh about it now!! Apparently wee Jean the rum queen (her nickname!) goes everywhere with her and especially likes a wee trip to Costco!! 🙂

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Mmmm toasty!!

bread beds[via]

Linking in nicely with my previous post, I have just came across a new range of wacky bread bedding sets which are inspired by baked goods and incidentally, are actually available to buy from Japanese website Felissimo although they will set you back roughly about £110 each!! The range includes a quirky toast set which comes complete with a red blanket which is supposed to represent a jam filling (haha!) as well as doughnut, omelette and croissant sleeping bags!

bread beds 2 bread beds 3 bread beds 4 bread beds 5 bread beds 6 bread bin 3         All images [via]

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What’s the saying; If you want to be a bear – be a grizzly bear!!


Well, you have got to check out this impressively realistic scary bear sleeping bag created by Amsterdam designer; Eiko Ishizawa. Not only would it keep you extra cosy at night but you could also pull some seriously good pranks in it! Only downside of course being that you might get shot at!

I would definitely be investing in this bad boy if it were on sale!!

bear1 bear3 bear5  bear2

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Laugh out loud!

It has been said, that people who laugh a lot, live longer, so when I read the following article from the Daily Mail which shows some of the laugh out loud answers that children have given to exam questions, I thought I ought to share it with you and give you a laugh too. Here’s to us possibly adding a few seconds onto our life expectancy 😉

Oh, and whilst checking that article out, I also came across this very clever and funny answer from an engineering student, answering a question about whether hell gives off heat or absorbs heat – definitely worth checking out!!

laugh out loud laughing kitten                                                     (Images via &

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