If stationery had looked as appealing as this back in the day, I would never have nagged my parents for a mobile phone!! Damn it.. too late, now we’re all hooked and  this old-fashioned method of communication is all but extinct! When was the last time you received a letter in the post from a friend or relative?

Go on, I dare you – pick up a pen and send a random letter! If you are in need of any encouragement, you just have to look below!

How pretty is this stationery & identity range designed by Mexico based graphic & web design company; Decimal for an events canapé baker in Mexico. Loving the use of foil throughout, it really makes such a simple design stand out.


Stationary4 stationary3

This Kate Spade pink/foil stationery range is too cute! I would be over the moon to get something like this through the post!! Also loving the little foil details!

Kate Spade stationary

 Kate Spade stationary2 Kate Spade stationary3 Kate Spade stationary4 Kate Spade stationary5 Kate Spade stationary6 Kate Spade stationary7 Kate Spade stationary8
L x

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