These are just some of the songs that I’m loving at the minute. As January can be a really long, depressing month (after the Christmas/NY blow out) everyone needs a bit of motivation and these tunes are guaranteed to get you in the mood for a party.. or just a general dance around the house!? No judging!!


L x


Chasin’ the buzz

Ever since I saw Chase and Status live at T in the park about a month ago, I have been obsessed, literally obsessed with their music and had to dig out their ‘No More Idols’ cd. Although there are a few slower paced tracks on there which are still awesome, the majority are high-energy songs that just make you want to run a marathon or in my case just dance around the room like a crazy person! The last couple of times I have been out a walk (God damn It, I will have that bikini body!!) I have been listening to my iPod for motivation and as soon as a Chase and Status song comes on .. whoa, it just gives me that burst of energy that I need to make me get my sprint on! 😉

So, if you haven’t listened to this cd in a while (or ever!!? :o) or if you’re ever in need of a little boost ..  I can highly recommend getting on some Chase and Status and you won’t go wrong! 😀

L x