Gettin’ crafty with it!

Okay, so everyone knows that there’s nothing better than a little side project to really get the creative juices going (or maybe it’s just me?!)! Lately I have been given a nudge or two, encouraging me to put on my creative head and get thinking outside of the box. So, I thought I would share with you some of the things I have been working on which will hopefully give you a little nudge to get crafty!! …..

Firstly, I had one of my best friends – Sarah’s birthday coming up and I really couldn’t think of what to get her other than the usual presents I get her every other year i.e. wine, chocolates, candles etc.. So, I took some inspiration from the fact that she LOVES a good night out but always manages to loose or forget something along the way tut tut and created a rescue pack for her which included everything she needs to have a great night out, including the essential items she usually forgets! The rescue pack I made included items such as; a mini bottle of her fav wine, chewing gum, Vaseline, body spray, a cigarette lighter and party feet! Oh and to top it off, a cd packed with all her favourite tunes that would undoubtedly get her in the partaaaaaay mood! 🙂 Instead of using wrapping paper, I printed out some of our photos from nights out which made the present look a bit more personal and she loved it 🙂

Unique birthday present ideas    Unique birthday present ideas 3   Unique birthday present ideas 2

Next, another BF – Colleen popped round to announce that she and her man were getting engaged .. Hoorah!! thus got me searching frantically for a gift which was both unusual yet personal! I didn’t realise how hard a task that would be! After scouring the internet and high street I couldn’t find anything that would be either .. until I visited a garden centre near where I live.

Initially, upon first inspection of the garden centre I could only see the usual photo frames and glasses which I thought they might get a lot of as these are typical engagement gifts. Then, after a closer look, (I was getting a little desperate and frustrated by this point!!) I saw a range of white wood letters of the alphabet which looked quite plain as they sat on the shelf but they definitely held potential. Luckily, I had a stash of arts and crafts at home which I knew would come in very handy and I managed to jazz them up! Here’s what I started with and the finished result….

From this…

Splosh letters

To this …..


Engagement present (2) Engagement present

Engagement present R Engagement present & Engagement present C

I have loved having an excuse to get creative and can’t wait for the next!! 🙂

Oh … and one for my wee sister for her birthday too 🙂


L x

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