Guess that emotion!!!

I have been trying to brush up on my ‘writing skills’ lately and have been looking through some really helpful clips online. One clip sets a challenge to write about an abstract emotion i.e. jelousy, anger etc but not to actually mention which emotion you have chosen. Instead, get someone to read the piece and tell you which emotion they think you have conveyed.

So, here goes… I have written a few paragraphs and was hoping you could help me out by telling me which emotion you think I am conveying within the text.

Thanks!! 🙂

L x

Alex turns the key quickly, already trying to pry the door open before he has even released the key from the old rusty gold lock. This old door is older than he is and won’t be giving up without a fight, god only knows how  Elle manages  to open it with ease, so that it doesn’t make a sound – sadly, Alex hasn’t mastered this manoeuvre yet and is becoming impatient and frustrated with the old creaky thing. As his mousy brown fringe falls lazily into his glittering green eyes, he desperately sweeps it to the side and gives the door another forceful nudge and with an audible grumble, the old wooden door gives way and allows Alex entry to her flat.

Inside it is pitch black; all that can be seen are the shadows cast from the people walking by on the busy streets outside and the super bright lights from the bustling traffic as it whizzes by. Alex looks around for some clue that will tell him where she is; a note or message maybe? There’s nothing, nothing is out of place, nothing out of the ordinary. He has already checked his phone about forty times and tried to call her with no success. It just doesn’t make sense he thinks to himself as he gazes out of the window and into the night sky. Where is she? Where would she have gone?



Destination unknown…

Hi All!

Welcome to my blog!  Never thought I would hear those words, but finally, after a lot of procrastination (my favourite hobby!) I have gotten around to it and created my first little blog! Hoorah!

As it turns out, creating a blog is the easy part ……. contemplating what to include in your first ever post is the hard part!  Eeek!

So, here goes… first blog, no pressure.

Okay so a little info about me; I am a 24 year old Fashion Business graduate who has recently landed herself a job in the wonderful but slightly manic world of fashion, where as clichéd as it may sound, no two days are ever the same.

I am a self professed fashion enthusiast who enjoys nothing more than browsing the internet in search of the latest happenings in the fashion world.

As well as all the usual interests you would expect from a fashion aficionada; shopping, socialising and dreaming about what my wardrobe would be like if I won the lottery,  I also enjoy writing and have realised that this is an area where I am really out of touch. For this reason, I have started this blog and hope to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to offering an insight into my life, my interests and generally everything which inspires me. As the title of this post suggests, I don’t really know where I am going with this blog at the moment, but I know that every road leads somewhere and if I happen to attract a reader or two along the way …. fab!

L x
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