Breaking bad



Never seen the TV programme – Breaking bad but I have been told by many people that its really good. Just found this hilarious re-enactment performed by elementary school kids via which pretty much summarises the whole plot and has definitely convinced me that I need to start watching it. 😀

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Oooft its on fire!

Last Friday, I met up with the girls from uni; Sophie and Katy and we decided to treat ourselves to dinner and then the movies! Cos’ we really don’t treat ourselves enough, you know! 🙂 After wolfing into a TGI’s (mmhmm yummy!)  we went upstairs to the cinema to see what films were on! The choices were; The heat (which got a rating of 7.1 on IMDB) and Now you see me (7.4 on IMDB) ugh, so tough!. So, after much discussion between the three of us, we still couldn’t decide which film to go and see and therefore, left the decision in the hands of the guy who served us (poor him!). In the end, we went to see The heat as the guy at the tills had only seen this film but said that it was funny from start to finish and thankfully, he was spot on!

The heat, starring Sandra Bullock (or Sandra Bollock with a ‘U’ according to Sophie!) and Melissa McCarthy is a comedy about an FBI agent and a Boston-based cop who couldn’t be further apart in their personalities, their lives and their approach to catching criminals. Bullock stars as the straight-laced, prim and proper  FBI agent – Sarah Ashburn, who likes to do everything by the book but who also has a tendency to become very competitive in her job, often annoying her colleagues. In total contrast, rough, tough and downright rude Boston cop – Shannon Mullins likes to take the hands on approach when it comes to dealing with criminals in her turf and isn’t afraid to threaten them or even beat them up. The two officers get paired together in an assignment to try and uncover the identity of a drug lord working in the area and need to find a way of working together in order to capture him.

From watching the trailer for this film I thought it looked really funny, but I couldn’t help thinking I had seen it all before and might get bored of the same old script but luckily, I was proved so wrong. From start to finish I laughed so much, at one point tears were streaming down my face and that doesn’t happen very often!

It wont be everyone’s cup of tea, but I definitely think you should check this out if you are looking for some light-hearted, entertaining comedy from two brilliant actresses!! Oh and Marlon Wayans who plays Ashford’s colleague in this is sooooo sweet in this!! Girls.. even just check out the movie for a glimpse of him!! 😉

Link to trailer below:

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the heat 2 the heat 3 the heat 4

Marlon Wayans

Warm fuzzy feeling films

Tonight I went to see the new Monsters University film which is a prequel to the original Monster Inc. and shows how Mike and Sulley met at University and overcame many challenges to become best friends. Myself, my sister Lou and my friend Sarah all fell in love with the original but were pleasantly surprised by the new movie as it is just as good and actually, even funnier than its predecessor. In my opinion, both these films prove that it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can still appreciate the animation, the story, the humour and the undoubtedly warm fuzzy feeling you get throughout this film …. Awwwwww!!!!

Monsters Inc Monsters Inc2 Monsters Inc3 Monsters Inc4 Monsters Inc5 Monsters Inc6

As with other Pixar films, we were treated to a short animated film; The blue umbrella before the main film started. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who might go and see the film so all I’ll say about it is that it was such a heart-warmingly lovely story about two umbrellas who fall in love and their quest to find each other again amongst the perils of a busy, dangerous city. The accompanying music was just as beautiful as the film and I managed to find a clip of it on You Tube, you can check it out at the below link.

The blue umbrella The blue umbrella2 The blue umbrella3 The blue umbrella4              (All images via


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